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What is Lycra yarn? Features and Applications of Lycra

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What is Lycra yarn? Features and Applications of Lycra

Lycra (LYCRA) is the trade name of a synthetic stretch spandex fiber exclusively invented and produced by DuPont. It is a polyester spandex produced by dry spinning. Its fiber is composed of flexible segments and rigid segments. It is this molecular structure that gives Lycra excellent extensibility and elastic recovery properties.


Lycra can be stretched to 4-7 times of its original length, with a recovery rate of 100%. Compared with rubber, it has longer elasticity and longer lasting, and is 1/3 lighter.


It cannot be used alone, and can be interwoven with any other man-made or natural fibers.


Features and applications of Lycra

Lycra is in the form of matt white, translucent or transparent filaments, with a fineness of 11dtex-1880dtex. Lycra silk of various finenesses is mainly used in transparent stockings, circular knitwear (underwear, sportswear), leg socks, narrow belt belts, warp knitted fabrics for women's underwear and swimwear, medical articles (pile pieces, Bandages, etc.), footwear, etc.


Yarn form

Lycra mainly appears in the form of core yarn/wrapped yarn/covered yarn and bare yarn in the fabric.


Core-spun yarn/wrapped yarn/covered yarn has the appearance and feel of covered fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, etc.), and at the same time has excellent elasticity. This kind of yarn is widely used in various fabrics.



Application in Fabric

1. In woven fabric

Lycra is used for warp yarns, and the fabric has longitudinal extensibility. When used for weft yarns, the fabric will have horizontal elasticity. If Lycra is used in both warp and weft yarns, the fabric has two-way elasticity.


2. In knitted fabrics

Lycra bare yarn in weft knitted fabrics is used for lightweight jerseys. Lycra covered yarns are used for cuffs of hosiery and knitted pullovers. Core-spun yarns are often used for lightweight jerseys for knitted pullovers and underwear. Bags Winding yarn is often used in rib knitting machines.

Lycra used in warp knitted fabrics is mainly to increase the extensibility of the fabric, so that the garment has excellent applicability and comfort.


3. In the narrow belt fabric

Lycra provides long-lasting and comfortable high-performance stretch of the narrow band fabric. It can be used to produce thin and exquisite decorative belts for modern ultra-light women's underwear to improve and maintain its appearance and body shape.


Lycra's Advantages in Clothing

1. Very elastic and not easy to deform

Lycra can enhance the elasticity of the fabric. It can be used in combination with a variety of different fibers, whether it is natural or man-made fibers, it will not change the appearance and texture of the fabric.


For example,

wool + Lycra fabric is not only elastic, but also has better fit, better shape retention, drape and wearability after washing;

cotton + Lycra not only has the advantages of cotton fiber comfort and breathability, but  have the characteristics of good elasticity, which makes the fabric more fit, soft and comfortable.

2. Lycra can be used on any fabric

Lycra can be used for cotton knitted fabrics, double-sided wool fabrics, silk poplin, nylon fabrics and different cotton fabrics.It does not change the appearance of the fabric. It is an invisible fiber and can greatly improve the performance of the fabric.




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