Most recognized elastic fiber brand
Making unique fiber innovations in the clothing we love to wear. For 60 years, LYCRA has been engaged in this business. is universally recognized all over the world that LYCRA is the builder of elastic fiber. 

LYCRAR (Lycra R) fiber is light and almost invisible to eyes. It has become the most frequent exsitance in our clothes. It changed the way we feel what we wear. From jeans to knitting wear, sport wear to swimwear, sports shoes to work suits, we can always find LYCRAR (Lycra R) fiber.

Since always, LYCRAR fiber has reputation in its quality and durability. Outstanding elasticity, long-lasting shape, and comfortable fit, those are the reasons that spinners, designers, brands and global consumers all choose it. 
  • stretch fabric best fit
    Fit free wearing experience
    meanwhile have the effect of shaping and sculpturing
  • stretch fabric top comfy
    Combination of comfort and flexibility
    truly multidirectional elasticity fabric
lycra fabric for leggings from FitFever
Economy is more affordable
Great value enjoyment
4 way stretch fabric fitness wear gymwear from FitFever
Professional quality
stretch stitching 4 needles 6 lines active wear FitFever sypply
Specialized in product
stretch knit fabric nylon stretchy sport wear FitFever supply
First-class quality
About Us

FitFeveris a professional manufacturer of fitness wear  including fitness leggings, sport bras, vest,T-shirt,jacket hoodies.ect. We  dedicate to  innovative fabrics and has extended direct business to  fabrics.

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