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how bottle: more interesting and practical to protect the environment

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how bottle: more interesting and practical to protect the environment

While the media is scrambling to report on plastic pollution, there is a group of people who are using their methods to reduce pollution by using fabric made from recycled plastic. Recycled plastic bottles are spun into clothes. Purchasing a piece of RPET clothing is equivalent to recycling 12 plastic bottles. This is what How Bottle is doing. They want to make the business of "environmental protection + business" more interesting and more grounded.

how bottle plastic apparel

How bottle focuses on solving social problems with creativity, and marathon runners gave birth to the whole budding concept of how bottle. "In the past five years, sports and fitness have become more and more popular in China. The number of marathon events in China has increased by nearly 10 times. What is amazing is that the amount of garbage generated in each marathon is 6 times the daily amount." Huang Ningning cited a piece of data: In a city marathon, each athlete consumes an average of 10 bottles of water. Each year, more than 100,000,000 plastic bottles are produced in running events in China, which are as large as 630 football fields on the ground. The life of a bottle in the game is only 20 seconds, but it takes 500 years to degrade in the soil after being abandoned.


The enthusiasm for environmental protection has never been extinguished, but the channels need to be opened up so that environmental protection can be implemented. Huang Ningning saw enthusiasm from this year's Lanzhou Marathon and Taobao Creation Festival. "We did two activities at the marathon site, one was a pop shop clothing from recycled polyester fabric, and the other was free cloth bags exchange plastic bottle for textiles recycling and sending cloth bags, both of which had very good results. Some citizens even drove home to change bottles." Huang Ningning explained that many citizens also feel guilty when making garbage. How Bottle is quantifying the environmental protection of its products: In the Taobao store of How Bottle, every piece of clothing and every cloth bag is specially marked: "12 bottles ""3 bottles."


Next, how bottle is going to work on the C-side (consumer side), and it is currently in the pre-sale stage. "The C-end is more personalized, they are more elusive, and it will be the next challenge." Huang Ningning said that participating in the Taobao Maker Festival is to open up the C-end market and make consumers more familiar with the product. At present, this is a good start. The participants are more tolerant and able to accept strange and new things. Many people also consulted and cooperated after the visit.


"It is our basic policy to make environmental protection fun and beautiful." In the next step, Huang Ningning plans to enrich the production line with suppliers. On the one hand, it is to continue to make recycled plastic fabric comfortable and easy to wear, and to improve the development ability of fabrics. On the other hand, it is to enhance the design sense of products. The former needs to incorporate more advanced weaving techniques to make the fabric more breathable. They plan to blend the material with cotton so that the combination of environmental protection and nature will be more acceptable to Chinese consumers.


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