According to the latest research data released by Spanish investment company Comprar Acciones, 

the value of the global sportswear market (activewear) reached 353.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. 

This category has a certain degree of resistance to the economic impact of the novel corana epidemic.
In the next six years, the global sportswear market is expected to continue 

to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7%, reaching US$439.17 billion by 2026.


We are a fully devoted fitness we supplier. 

Our team of more than 400 professionals is highly trained to serve our clients’ needs.

We use the latest technologies to offer you the best possible fitness wear custom solutions,

 including cut fashioned leggings, sport bra, joggers,T-shirts,seamless leggings, seamless bra. 

In addition, we offer advanced fabric techniques to ensure end-customer comfort.


We focus on partnering with distributors who share our passion for better fitness wear, more sustainable clothing and healthier life 

when elevating the level of your business.

Our distribution program specifically experienced working with sport wear brands, local workout wear distributor, 

online retailer like amazon seller, ebay seller, shopify seller and social media seller.

We are currently networking with a variety of partners across the world and supported their selling in local market for a long term.

Reach out market@fitfever.cn to learn how we can work together.


    We bring innovative fabric treatment to sport wear,

    We find out solution about how to restrain sweat odor.

    We produced leggings made from world leading shape-retain fiber.

    We frequently use nude touch fabric to ensure best fit.

    FitFever fabric technology

    At FitFever we believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but the future,

    We strategically implement recycled fabrics in our production.

    We make a breakthrough in decreasing recycled wear MOQ.

    We warrant the quality while make recycled idea walk into people daily life.

    Fitfever sustainability fabric supply

We realize ambition in humble service attitude,


1 day stock sample,7 days custom sample for quick checking

Multi-times pattern adjustment

7X24 hour stand by and whole chain follow up

In time new product new technology information


The advantages of using
our services


The first step towards a beautiful, healthy fitness wear is to send an enquiry. Please contact our office by phone or complete the contact us page.


Our team of more than 200 professionals, creating a highly skilled, friendly and multi-lingual team to best serve our clients’ needs.


High quality sport wear at a price that anyone can afford, making production costs more accessible. Finally, great quality with a great price!


Our mission is to help our clients achieve and maintain long term fitness business. We provide a relaxing environment with amenities for your comfort.
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FitFeveris a professional manufacturer of fitness wear  including fitness leggings, sport bras, vest,T-shirt,jacket hoodies.ect. We  dedicate to  innovative fabrics and has extended direct business to  fabrics.

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